Student life is complicated and needs a lot of effort. They need to manage a whole lot of things apart from studies, and one major thing is to stay updated. Most importantly for the students of class 10 and 12 who have a lot to study and a lot to keep an eye on. These examinations help them in shaping their future and when a student seeks out all the information at one destination they get disappointed. But here at Technical Ranjay they will get all the latest information by just a single click. Let’s delve deep and learn about this platform.

    Know About Technical Ranjay

    Technical Ranjay is a very useful  youtube channel and a web portal which has all the crucial information for students of class 10 and 12 of Bihar government. The platform provides various features and functions for its users by giving them access to admit cards, forms, study material, latest news and more. All the information which is present on this website is carefully crafted and is updated. 

    Technical Ranjay com: An Overview

    Technical Ranjay

    Technical Ranjay com is the useful portal created for the ease of students in getting all the latest updates. The platform was registered on 5th December 2019 with the objective of providing several news and information to the students of Bihar Government from class 10 and 12. This portal helps the creator to keep a track of what is needed by their readers and thus help them cater to all of their needs. 

    Technical Ranjay App Information

    Technical Ranjay has also launched an app named Technical Ranjay Model Paper. Users can find this application  can be easily downloaded from the portal. And through this application you can access various information related to subjects like, science, math, hindi, english and more. Overall the app tends to cover every aspect of the class 10th and 12th students. Thus, by providing access to such a huge variety the platform can improve the overall performance of the students.

    Steps to Download Technical Ranjay Dummy Admit Card 2023

    Users can download Technical Ranjay Dummy Admit Card 2023 by just following these simple and easy steps.

    • Step 1: In order to visit the official website of the Technical Ranjay you will need to open your “Browser”.
    • Step 3: As you land on the homepage of the official website you will encounter the BSEB 10th and 12th  dummy admit card download link.
    • Step 4: Once you click on the link a whole new article.
    • Step 5: Scroll the article and you will find the link to admit card.
    • Step 7: On the newly opened page enter the credentials like date of birth, registration number etc.
    • Step 8: After completion of all the steps as directed you will be able to download the admit card. 

    Category Offered by Technical Ranjay

    Technical Ranjay offers a wide range of services to its users and we have mentioned them here to provide you a brief information about them.

    • 12th Exam: Under this column users and students get the latest information related to class 12 with the help of blogs and articles.
    • Admit Card: The admit card category is the most important category for the students of class 10th and 12th as they constantly need to be aware of the release of the admit card.
    • Apply Form: With the help of this category the platform makes its users aware of any upcoming registration or application form for students as well as government job seekers.
    • Latest News: In this section users get the information of all the ongoing latest happenings around them.
    • Trending News: The trending news category aims at providing all the popular and trendy news to the users. 

    Is there any Youtube Channel Of Technical Ranjay?

    Yes! Technical Ranjay do has a Youtube channel which was created five years ago and currently has over nine lakhs subscribers that too with more than fifteen thousands videos on the platform. Not only this, they also have a related channel named Ranjay Classes which also has several informative videos to serve the purpose of knowledge for its more than forty thousand subscribers. 

    Net Worth of Technical Ranjay

    Technical Ranjay which operates on several different platform errands in monetary and non monetary services. If we count in numbers and try to know its yearly net worth than its, eighty-six thousand per year. These calculations leave out the income from sponsorship etc.


    So, we must have cleared all your doubts regarding the Technical Ranjay and its services. And we are sure that apart from clearing your doubt we must have provided some additional information also. Like steps by which you can download the admit card from this platform, categories offered by the platform and more.