The fashion industry, long celebrated for its innovation and creativity, has also been criticized for its environmental and social impacts. From excessive water use in textile production to fast fashion practices, the industry has faced a barrage of criticism. 

According to the UNEP and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions. At this pace, these emissions will surge by more than 50% by 2030. Industry leaders have the opportunity to shift towards sustainable practices and prevent climate change and environmental harm, and companies like SmartBuyGlasses are leading the way. 

Many big companies and brands are stepping up in the fight against climate change. Brands are realizing that the love of fashion and sustainability can coexist. With hopes of a greener future, SmartBuyGlasses has rolled out 100% recycled courier boxes. All eyewear shipped will be sent in these boxes, eliminating the need for plastic packaging. 

SmartBuy Collection frames come in a foldable, eco-friendly matte leather case with a cleaning cloth made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), the plastic most commonly used in single-use water bottles. 

When customers shop at SmartBuyGlasses, they are able to choose from over 30 brands that carry environmentally-conscious eyewear. Shoppers can choose frames that have been up-cycled or sustainably produced, allowing them to find something they love while respecting the planet. 

Major brands who are showing their commitment include Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban’s Sustainable Acetate Collection is made by mixing cellulose acetate with a new kind of plasticizer, making them biodegradable. Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses or glasses can now help you see better and save the planet. 

By using greener or recycled materials and technology, eyewear brands are putting more focus on creating quality products that are fashionable, sustainable, and have longevity. With a pair of glasses lasting more than just one season, the need to buy and throw is significantly reduced. Brands are introducing a number of other sustainable practices, such as take-back programs, local production, thoughtful packaging, or donation initiatives.

Buy a frame, plant a tree

In collaboration with the Eden Reforestation Project, for every Oh My Woodness! frame purchased, a tree is planted. Planting trees is of immense importance for a multitude of reasons, and its significance extends to environmental, social, and economic aspects. 

Trees offer cleaner air, reduced greenhouse emissions, and habitat and food for various wildlife species. By planting trees, we can help conserve biodiversity and restore ecosystems that support a wide range of plant and animal species. 

The roots of trees help anchor soil, reducing erosion caused by wind and water. This is crucial for maintaining fertile soil for agriculture and preventing land degradation. Trees play a role in filtering water by reducing runoff and allowing it to infiltrate into the ground. This helps improve water quality by reducing the transport of pollutants into water bodies.

SmartBuyGlasses stands as a beacon of sustainability in the fashion industry, demonstrating that style and eco-consciousness can coexist. By offering eco-friendly frames, recyclable packaging, and a commitment to ethical practices, they are challenging the conventional norms of the eyewear industry.