Are you looking for a way to get married in Dubai without following any religious law? If so, you might be interested in civil marriage, a legal option for non-Muslim couples who want to tie the knot in the UAE. Civil marriage allows you to register your marriage according to the laws and regulations of the country, regardless of your faith or nationality. It also enables you to have an interfaith marriage, if you and your partner belong to different religions.

In this article, we will explain what civil marriage is, who is eligible for it, what are the requirements and procedures for getting it, and what the benefits of choosing it are.

What is Civil Marriage?

Civil marriage is a lawful union of a man and a woman, solemnized as a civil contract. Civil marriage is based on secular rules, and does not involve any religious authority or institution.

In 2023, Dubai launched a civil marriage service, which allows non-Muslim couples to get married in a day, without any medical examination or guardian’s consent. The service is provided by the Dubai Courts and is in accordance with the Federal Decree Law No. 41 of 2022 on Civil Personal Status for Non-Muslims, which regulates the family affairs of non-Muslim residents of the UAE.

Who is Eligible for Civil Marriage in the UAE?

The Civil marriage Law applies to non-Muslim UAE nationals and non-Muslim foreigners living in the UAE, unless they choose to follow the law of their own country for matters related to marriage, divorce, inheritance, wills, and parentage. 

The people who are subject to the law as stated above can also agree to follow another law that regulates the family or personal status matters in the UAE instead of this law.

What are the Requirements for Civil Marriage?

The emirate of Dubai has launched a civil marriage service for its non-Muslim residents. This service allows eligible couples to obtain a civil wedding license within 24 hours. 

To establish a civil marriage contract, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Both the husband and wife must be at least (21) twenty-one years old, and their age must be verified by any official document issued by their country of origin;
  2. The marriage must not occur between relatives such as brothers, sons, grandchildren, uncles or aunts, or any other cases specified by the Law;
  3. The married couple must clearly state their agreement to marry in front of the Authentication Judge, and there must be no legal impediments to their consent;
  4. The married couple must sign the disclosure form;
  5. Any other conditions required by the law.

Documentation Requirements

  • The documents must be submitted in PDF format as soft copies.
  • The documents must be in Arabic or accompanied by certified Arabic translations, stamped by the Ministry of Justice of the UAE.
  • The documents issued from outside the UAE must also be duly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country, the UAE embassy in that country, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the UAE.

What are the Procedures for Civil Marriage in Dubai?

Here is a summary of the main steps and documents needed for civil marriage in Dubai:

Step 1: Submit an Application

  • Fill out the standard form for civil marriage application.
  • Submit it to the authentication judge with the competent court.
  • Make sure you meet the other conditions and procedures stated in the Law.

Step 2: Fill out the Contract Form

  • Fill out the contract form before the authentication judge.
  • Agree on the terms of the contract with your partner.
  • Invoke the provisions of the contract regarding the rights and obligations of the spouses during and after the marriage, especially the joint custody of the children.

Step 3: Disclose Previous Marriages

  • Disclose any previous marriages by either of you, and the date of divorce, if any.
  • Acknowledge that you are not currently married to anyone else.
  • If your law does not permit polygamy, submit this acknowledgment as well.
  • In any case, disclose any existing marriages before the authentication judge.

Step 4: Provide Proof of Consent

  • Provide proof of consent by either verbal or written means.
  • The contract form should include this proof.

Step 5: Get the Contract Authenticated

  • The authentication judge will verify that all the conditions and procedures for the civil marriage are met.
  • The authentication judge will authenticate the contract and record it in the register.
  • You will receive the approved bilingual contract form for civil marriage.

Cost of Civil Marriage

To get a civil wedding license in Dubai, you will have to pay a total of AED 482. This amount includes AED 220 for service fees and AED 262 for court fees.

What are the Benefits of Civil Marriage?

Civil marriage has several benefits for non-Muslim couples who want to get married in the UAE, such as:

  • It is faster and easier than religious marriage, as it does not require any medical examination or guardian’s consent.
  • It allows interfaith marriages, as it does not depend on any religious law or authority.
  • It is recognized and accepted in the UAE and internationally, as it is issued by the official authorities.
  • It grants the spouses the same rights and obligations as any other married couple, such as inheritance, custody, alimony, and divorce.

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