Did you know? Forbes once mentioned in their post that of all the jobs AI is threatening to take over, Finance would remain unaffected. AI could never replace Finance according to their post.

Investing in an MSc in Finance online, to secure your career within the financial industry can be a smart move in the coming years.

Some of the best MSc in Finance degrees are now found online as well. You can learn the intricacies of Finance in the current day and age, get trained in the building blocks of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, learn the fundamentals of trading and much more!

What is an MSc in Finance?

A Master of Science in Finance (MSc Finance) is a postgraduate degree programme that provides advanced knowledge and skills in the field of finance. It is designed for those students who wish to pursue a career in core finance roles in investment banking, commercial banking, financial analysis, or wealth management.

What you will learn in an MSc Finance program:

  • Financial theory and analysis: You will learn the in-depth intricacies of financial theory and Analysis through an MSc Finance Online or on campus. Principles of finance, including financial markets, valuation, risk management, and investment analysis are covered under this.
  • Develop in-demand industry skills: You will develop strong quantitative skills, including financial modelling, statistics, and data analysis.
  • Learn accounting and financial reporting: You will gain a deep understanding of accounting principles and financial reporting standards.
  • Understand and leverage corporate finance: You will learn about how companies raise and manage capital, as well as how they make investment decisions, profits and much more.
  • Investments: Investment is an important part of financial education. An MSc Finance online, you can learn about asset classes, investment strategies, and portfolio management.
  • Derivatives: You will learn about how derivatives are used to manage risk and hedge exposure.
  • Behavioral finance: You will learn about how psychological factors can influence financial decisions. Human psychology and consumer behaviour patterns would be part of this.
  • Ethics and professional responsibility: A comprehensive MSc in Finance degree will also help you develop an understanding of core ethical issues in finance and the importance of maintaining professional responsibility.

Is it worth pursuing an MSc in Finance online?

Studies confirm that online education is here to stay. Statista reports that the revenue in Online learning platforms is all set to reach 5.50 billion dollars (U.S.D) by 2024!

What’s more? 

Pursuing an MSc in Finance online from a reputed university or institution can be much more advantageous compared to an on-campus MSc programme.

You may be able to make good use of the employment partners, industry-tie ups, placement drives, placement assistance programmes and several other facilities that are available with the top institutions for MSc Finance. 

Where to study MSc in Finance?

While there are many options to choose from, Singapore offers some of the top MSc in Finance programmes online. With a booming financial sector and prosperous economy, Singapore can open many doors for you.

In Conclusion, if you are looking to grow deep roots in the fundamentals and nuances of the financial industry, an MSc in Finance online can be your best pick. Sign up to learn more!