Nowadays people are getting highly influenced by social media and it has currently become a way not only towards growth, rather it has begun to serve as a top place for getting news updates. But one which gets compromised when we get news from social media is that it lacks authenticity. So the platform that we are going to discuss here is NS News India, which promises and aims at sharing reliable, fact-checked news. Thus, keep reading this article to know if NSNewsIndia is just a news-sharing platform that has something more to offer. 

NS News India: An Overview

On the outer level, NS News India seems just a news updating platform that aims at providing factual information to its audience. But any user who delves deep into this platform gets to know that it has many other things to offer. This e-news platform apart from providing news also gives various tips and tricks, a step-by-step guide by following you will learn ways in which you gain authentic, organic followers on your Instagram account. Above they also provide various app reviews and guides in which you can access them for your benefit.

Know About NSNewsIndia App

Despite having such a huge audience base the website of NS News India works seamlessly without showing any buffering. The user-friendly interface of the platform helps them to manage the crowd on the website and thus, they have not launched any official application, though you may find some third-party applications. 

Features of NS News India

Ns news india

NS News India has multiple unique features that make the platform stand apart from the various other platforms that promise to deliver the same things. You can read the mentioned features to differentiate among the several other platforms which well to choose the platform that is best suitable for your interest. 

  • Multiple Blogs: The platform carries multiple blogs that focus on various topics. This wide variety of coverage allows users to get all their desired information without having to visit multiple websites.
  • User-Friendly: The platform has been carefully designed in a simple and user-friendly manner which allows the users to load their desired article within seconds. 
  • No Ads Interruption: Unlike other websites, you won’t get any ad interruption on this platform. There are no ads popping up in between your read, which won’t break your reading flow and you can get 100% from the given article. 
  • Data Security: The things that you browse and see on this platform are well secured, this keeps all your data secured and there are no virus threats to your device. 
  • Access to Guides: Not only does the platform provide you with information but you will also get access to various guides. These guides include the step-by-step method by which you can access any new app for your benefit very securely.   

Steps to Access NS News India 

Now that you are so mesmerized after reading the salient features of NS News India, you must have also become very curious to know about the ways in which you can access this platform. Thus, in order to access this platform you can follow these given steps.

  • Step 1: Open a “Browser” of your choice on your device. 
  • Step 2: Navigate the search bar of your browser and utilize it to enter the official website name.
  • Step 3: From the appearing SERPs look and tap on the official website link.
  • Step 4: Once you land on the homepage of the website you will encounter a plethora of content.
  • Step 5: Select anyone or search for your desired article by using the Search Bar available on the Top Right Corner of the website, and enjoy reading. 

Categories Available at NS News India

NS News India offers a wide range of categories to its users which helps in catering to the needs of all. All these categories cover a diverse topic that is related to recent or trending information. Let’s know about this category in brief. 

  • Education: The NS News India education category provides various information which serves useful for the students or even the ones who seek full-fledged knowledge. Users can encounter information related to mutual funds, updates on upcoming exams, results, and many others. 
  • Social Media: Under the social media category users will get multiple tips and tricks by which they can increase their followers, enhance their online visibility, and above all they can also find various ways in which they can earn money through social media. 
  • Tips and Tricks: The NS News India Tips and Tricks category offers tricks not only to increase your Instagram followers, rather they also provide tips and tricks by which you can access several apps and ways in which you can clear viruses from your device. 
  • SEO: We all will agree SEO plays a very crucial role in enhancing our online presence. Thus, seeing this need the platform has incorporated the SEO category under which they talk about various marketing tips to boost your reach. 
  • Online Earning: Now that we can access almost everything online it becomes highly crucial to change this platform from where we can earn money. This category has become very popular and useful due to the fact we almost spend most of our time online and earning money through the online presence will prove very beneficial. 

Benefits of NS News India

Not only does NS News India appear good by its several features, and categories offers but it also has other benefits, which we have mentioned here: 

  • Free of Cost: Users can access this platform without investing even a single penny. And despite being a free platform users won’t get any chance of being disappointed. 
  • Organic Growth: People who use this platform to gain Instagram followers, will get organic growth which means you receive any BOT followers or likes, rather they all will be real human interactions. 
  • Instant Followers: If you follow the platform’s guides, tips, and tricks then you get Instant followers on your Instagram. Not only this you can almost get 12k followers NS News India. 
  • Real Coverage: Above all the platform aims to provide real coverage of the trending news, applications, and more.


Now that we have mentioned so much information and details related to NS News india, you must have received answers to all your queries. In this blog, we have tried our best in order to include the features, benefits, accessing steps, and more. So, go and visit this platform to get a wide range of technological information.