Brain tumor treatment involves many interventions in which abnormal growths in the brain are removed. Brain tumor treatment also uses the neurosurgical approach in which the tumor is removed surgically. Brain tumor surgery is often performed according to the situation of a patient and the location of a tumor in the brain. The neurosurgery treatment cost in India is affordable as compared to other developed countries. 

Brain Tumor Treatment:

Brain Tumor Treatment in India involves effective methods and advanced techniques for treating brain tumors. Brain tumors present in the base of the brain can also be treated. Apart from symptom relief, brain tumor treatment in India also Improves the quality of life of patients.

Indications for Brain Tumor Surgery:

Brain tumor surgery is usually indicated in the primary and secondary tumors form in the brain. It can also be performed in brain cancer treatment to remove cancerous cells from the brain. But it is usually performed in combination with other treatments.

Neurosurgery treatment cost in India:

The neurosurgery treatment cost in India includes several components and every patient can choose an affordable treatment option according to the diagnosis, condition, and affordability. The cost of treatment may include the following:

Diagnostic Tests: Costs related to tests such as ultrasound and MRI.

Cost of Surgery: The cost of the surgical procedure itself.

Post-Operative Management: Rehabilitation and supportive care.

Medications: Prescribed medications for the prevention of infection and pain.

Factors Affecting Neurosurgery Cost:

The overall cost of neurosurgery can vary according to factors like the type of hospital, facilities provided by the hospital, the severity of the disease, complications after surgery, duration of physiotherapy, and the city of India.

Cost for Various Neurosurgical Treatments in India:

There are different types of neurosurgical treatments and each treatment is selected according to the need and suitability of patients by the surgeons. Some of the neurosurgery treatment costs in India are as follows:

  • CyberKnife Treatment: 305,000 to 409,000 INR (3665 USD to 4913 USD)
  • Brain Tumor Surgery: 172,600 to 231,800 INR (2072 USD to 2780 USD)
  • Spinal Fusion Surgery: 328,000 to 439,000 INR (3,943 to 5,267 USD)
  • Gamma Knife for AVM or Brain Tumor: 270,280 to 362,040 INR (3,599 to 4,344 USD)
  • Brain Haemorrhage Treatment: 239,200 to 320,600 INR (2,873 to 3,847 USD)
  • Pituitary Tumor Treatment: 283,600 to 379,800 INR (3,412 to 4,558 USD)
  • Hydrocephalus Treatment: 150,400 to 202,200 INR (1,806 to 2,426 USD)
  • Spine Tumour Surgery: 194,800 to 261,400 INR (2,340 to 3,137 USD)
  • Craniotomy Surgery: 289,040 to 385,720 INR (3,473 to 4,628 USD)
  • Meningioma: 217,000 to 291,000 INR (2,606 to 3,486 USD)
  • Cranioplasty: 299,920 to 398,560 INR (3,603 to 4,811 USD)
  • Gliomas Treatment: 261,400 to 350,200 INR (3,136 to 4,197 USD)


In conclusion, brain tumor treatment in India is affordable for many patients across the globe. In India, different treatment approaches are used which help to treat tumors and also improve the life quality of patients. The neurosurgery is of many types and each type is selected according to the diagnosis of the disease. The neurosurgery treatment costs in India include tests, surgery, medicines, and hospital stays. The overall cost can be different for each patient according to the disease. Understanding these details helps people make smart choices. India offers quality care at lower prices which makes it a worthy option for brain tumor treatment.