Final Fantasy XIV (or FFXIV) is an extremely popular MMORPG even at the end of 2023. Fans of both action and adventure titles keep logging in every day, enjoying the deep game mechanics and community-driven events. 

The game also offers a vast array of classes and subclasses to play as, a choice that severely alters one’s experience in the world. And due to how easy it is to swap between classes on the fly, experimentation is supremely rewarding in FFXIV.

Here are the most popular classes in FFXIV, and if you haven’t tried all of these out yet, you definitely should!  

The Most Played Classes in FFXIV

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Next, you can severely style up your character, after settling for any of the popular classes.

Paladin (Gladiator) 

Being a tank able to shrug off most of the enemies’ offensive attempts is an excellent way to enjoy FFXIV. The Paladin (Gladiator) class is one of the primary archetypes fulfilling that particular power fantasy. This class allows you to don heavy armor and focus on melee combat, becoming a bulwark of justice and stoicism!

The Paladin is also a surprisingly flexible role, acting as a starting point for a variety of jobs focusing on supporting others or providing extreme damage mitigation for yourself. As a result, it’s one of the easiest classes to get into, especially for beginners.  

Summoner (Arcanist) 

While this class doesn’t become available before you reach level 30, it is one of the best choices you can make at that point in the game. The Summoner has access to an exciting pool of supportive and offensive incantations, using books to reap all sorts of havoc.

At the same time, the Summoner will be an important addition to any party composition due to its ability to call on the help of powerful battle pets. On the flip side, playing as this class will limit your options in terms of weaponry, though you can always alter your appearance by spending FFXIV gold. Check here for more info on FFXIV’s fashion side!

White Mage (Conjurer)

The White Mage class remains synonymous with FFXIV, and many players opt for that role very early in the game and continue to have fun with it for the next hundreds of in-game hours. The White Mage is healing-oriented, but its kit is wide enough to provide answers for many of the late-game scenarios as well.

On top of that, it’s a class with a clear progression path, meaning you won’t have to alter your play style a lot to be successful. It’s also an extremely reliable party healer, a vocation that never stops being sought-after. 

The DPS Classes

Unsurprisingly, the DPS-focused classes are the most played ones in FFXIV. The Dancer and Dark Knight jobs offer savvy ways to deal with legions of enemies, all while nailing acrobatic moves. As such, they usually trade survivability for the coolness factor but are quite effective nonetheless. 

For example, the Dancer playstyle allows you to string rhythmic attacks that pummel your focus, though mastering those intricacies requires practice. Yet, it’s definitely a class that never wanes on the excitement front, and the more skillful you get, the better you’ll utilize the available techniques and rotations.