The Tollywood community is huge, and so is the insanity of fans. To cater to this significant love for Tollywood movies, the App is here, where you can find the latest Telugu, Tamil Nadu, and Malayalam movies. But beyond regional pieces, you can also get unlimited access to dubbed, Bollywood and Hollywood movies, as well. If you are one of the hardcore movie fans, check out this article having information about the torrent site, and how you can get started. 

About the Malayalam Movies app

The Klwap app runs on pirated content and enables users to watch or download movies available at no cost. The type of content on it ranges from Malayalam to Telugu, Bollywood, Tamil, and Hollywood movies. The specialty of this platform is tollywood, so there are comparatively fewer Bollywood and Hollywood on it. But regardless of the industry you pick, most of it is available in HD quality and users can choose whether they wanna watch at 1080p, 720p, 480p, or lower streaming quality. 

Why the Malayalam Movies app? 

The first point that justifies why you need the Malayalam Movies app is its cost — which is zero. This sounds untrue but for a torrent website, offering thousands of free content is quite possible. So, at the cost of nothing you can explore a broad spectrum of movies and even download them for offline use. Second is the user-friendly interface, meaning you would barely have to struggle to navigate around for free entertainment. 

Movies available on the Malayalam Movies app

As already mentioned earlier, the Malayalam Movies app has Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil movies as its priority, so you will see a lot of it throughout the platform. At the same time, you will also be given some great options for Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Plus, dubbed versions are present in the majority of them, giving language barriers an exit ticket.

Even the quality of movies is excellent and can be adjusted as per your internet speed. But do note that all of it comes under piracy, which means engagement in it isn’t lawful. 

Downloading Movies on Malayalam Movies app

  • Through any search engine you have, enter the official website of the Malayalam Movies app. 
  • There will be multiple movies on the homepage. Click on any one of your choices to get started. 
  • Otherwise, use the search tool and enter the name of the movie you are looking for. 
  • If available, it will appear right away. 
  • Choose the movie format and choose one file size.  
  • Then, click on the quality type and start downloading. 


If you are someone who craves movies, the Malayalam Movies app will be your cup of tea. And regardless of the platform having much support for tollywood movies, there’s a fair share of importance between Hollywood and Bollywood content. Be it streaming online or downloading any number of movies, you can do the needful conveniently; thanks to the user-friendly interface.