People, irrespective of gender are now focusing more on the way they look. Their skin health has a major role to play in it all. Having a smooth, clean, and glowing face can bring about a kind of confidence that one might lack otherwise. Therefore, to instill in themselves a newfound confidence, people are seeking various ways of maintaining good skin health. One of the major ways they can attain it is by using an exfoliant for face

Although there are several products and services available in the market that claim to provide the best om this regard, there are only a few that can be trusted. Amongst them, one that has attracted a lot of attention is Paula’s Choice exfoliant. But before exploring the options available in the market, it is important to learn how exfoliation can bring a change in your skin’s look and texture.

What is exfoliation?

Mamu people are now looking up the role of exfoliant for face. But a few truly know what it means. The process of removing dead skin cells is referred to as skin exfoliation. This is carried out through various methods which include either chemical medium or mechanical medium. Some adopt the simplest of methods available, such as using a clean wipe or towel to wipe their faces clean. Some prefer opting for different modes of face exfoliator such as anti-aging products, serums, etc, to get rid of dead skin cells.

Apart from the in-home options available, you can also take the help of experts and professionals available today. People who want quick and easy results without putting in too much effort can resort to such methods. 

Let’s take a look at the types of exfoliations

Several types of skin exfoliation exist and one must learn about each to understand what would suit their skin best. A few of these types are stated below:

  • Physical Exfoliation

This type of exfoliation refers to the use of cosmetics such as face scrubs, peeling masks, etc to remove dirt and dead cells by force. Normally, in such types of exfoliants, granules made out of natural ingredients are present. These granules, when applied on the skin produce friction and remove the dead cells from within.

  • Chemical Exfoliant

The different types of lotions, cleansers, and similar products that exist in the market that contain acids are known as chemical Exfoliants. These are often referred to as one of the best exfoliant for face. This is primarily because they make the dead skin cells loose and help them get easily removed leaving behind clean and healthy skin.

  • Combination Exfoliants

As the name suggests, this type of exfoliant is a mixture of both chemical and physical ones. This makes it a viable option for those who want deep cleansing and better results.


Even though there are several types and mediums of exfoliation available that are good for skin health, it is important to know which would suit your skin type the best. Therefore, one must seek professional help to understand their skin texture and their underlying skin issues. By analysing all such aspects, one can easily select a reliable mode of exfoliation.