If you have a long trip to a remote place, you need to carry big luggage. Not every vehicle has a spacious interior to accommodate trolley bags and other types of luggage. The only option is to load them to the roof racks of the car. Roof trays are intended to securely hold those items when driving the vehicle. But, does the roof tray of your car have a weight-bearing limit?  

Why should you consider weight while using the roof rack?

The weight distributed on the car’s roof may affect your ride’s performance. Many car drivers have encountered problems while braking and accelerating the vehicle due to the weight on the vehicle’s roof. In some cases, it can cause a loss of balance in the car. In fact, overloading the roof tray can lead to serious problems. If the roof tray is overloaded, the driver may need to stop the vehicle and reduce the load. To avoid any accident or inconvenience during your trip, you should learn about the weight limit of the roof rack. Many car owners forget to consider the rack’s weight when they load luggage into it.

Know about static and dynamic roof loads

The static roof load refers to the weight your car can endure when stationary. You can determine it based on the roof’s material, design, and overall structural integrity. On the contrary, dynamic roof load signifies the additional weight affecting the roof when the vehicle is in motion. It may cross the static load limit. For instance, wind resistance and movement of items during the ride can make the load heavier or lighter. It can affect the way you manage your car. If there is harsh weather, you have to reduce the speed of your vehicle to stay safe.

Weight limit of your car’s roof tray

A vehicle without a roof rack holds around 70 to 165 lbs of luggage. Suppose the dynamic weight limit of your roof tray is 300 lbs. However, your car roof’s dynamic weight limit is 150 lbs. So, you can load luggage of no more than 150 lbs on the vehicle’s roof.

When you buy roof trays for your 4×4 drive, you should check the weight limit, capacity, and compatibility. In the static condition, the car roof’s weight limit is almost 5 times higher than the dynamic load limit.

You can check the manufacturers’ guidelines to determine the weight your car’s roof can bear. If the weight limit exceeds, it can cause risk or damage to the vehicle. You may also visit the manufacturer’s website to get the right information about the limit.

To determine the weight-bearing limit of your car’s roof tray:

  • Weigh your luggage that you want to carry.
  • Stop driving the vehicle at times to ensure ropes and straps have not become loose.
  • Try to use the car’s interior to carry luggage bags too.

These guidelines will help you avoid placing too much load on your roof tray. Look for the best quality roof racks for your vehicle!