Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, and it has been used for multiple purposes. Apart from being used for building social connections, it has also become largely used for business and personal branding. This extensive use of the platform was only possible due to the large audience base from across the world. Thus, to tell you about the ways in which you can extract the most out of this paltrom IGtor has created a special service.  In this blog, we are going to talk about this platform in detail so that you can understand about this platform and its services in detail, so stay tuned till the very end.

An Overview of IGtor

IGtor is a fantastic web-based platform that aims to make its users aware of the nuances of the dynamic world of social media. This is not a tool that will manage your Instagram account rather it is a blogging platform that will discuss several tools. Through these blogs, you will get a proper guide about ways in which you can generate Instagram followers, Likes, Comments, Views, and even poll votes. The platform apart from telling you about different tools to enhance your Instagram profile visibility, also tells the readers about several Instagram Tips and tricks. Thus in order to make effective use of the details provided by the platform you need to visit IGtor Com.  

Process to Download IGtor APK

If you are aspiring to use IGtor but do not want to go through the lengthy process of visiting the browser, each time you want to use the platform. Then worry not as the platform creators have also launched the IGtor APK, and to tell about how you can get it, we have mentioned a few steps below. 

  • Step 1: The foremost step is to visit the official website of the IGtor with the help of any of your desired “browsers”.
  • Step 2: Once you enter the official website, surf through the main dashboard to explore the offerings of the platform.
  • Step 3: Now from the “Menu Bar” present on the top of the homepage select the “IGtor APK” from the appearing options. 
  • Step 4: As you tap on that option a whole new page will open carrying complete details about the application.  
  • Step 5: Go through the app information to understand whether it’s suitable for you and your device or not. 
  • Step 6: When you scroll down on that page you will see a section about app size etc., below that you get the link for the IGtor APK download.
  • Step 7: Hit the box and link in order to begin the IGtor APK download and “Install” on your device. 

Steps to Use IGtor

The navigation of the IGtor official website is very simple, and using the platform to extract the benefits is even more simple. You can just follow up on these undermentioned steps to use this platform or the application in a seamless way. 

  • Step 1: Undeniably the first thing that you need to do is open any of the preferred “Browser” on a device with you feel comfortable.
  • Step 2: Once the browser is opened, utilize the search bar it to look for the official website of IGtor.
  • Step 3: As you enter the official website of the platform you will be mesmerized by the extensive offering that it has for you. 
  • Step 4: You can either select from the appearing blogs and articles on the homepage, or you can use the menu bar to look for your desired interest.
  • Step 5: From the menu bar, you can select any of your preferred categories and refer to the article present under them. 
  • Step 6: After reading those blogs and articles you simply need to incorporate those information on your Instagram to gain the output. 

Categories Offered By IGtor


When you access IGtor you will get to see a wide variety of categories offered to you, here we have discussed those categories in brief. And reading about the details that you can get from these categories will provide you with better in-depth knowledge about the platform. 

IGtor Tips

With this category, the website aims and provides a wide collection of blogs and articles, telling about Instagram Tips and Tricks. Users or readers can follow these tricks to gain more better visibility of their profiles on Instagram. 

IGtor Votes

Under the IGtor Votes section, you will get to know about ways through which you can generate more poll votes. By this, we mean that in any poll that you place on the story, you can generate larger votes from the audiences and generate greater output. This proves highly effective when it comes to winning any kind of online battle or competition on social media. 

IGtor Views

By referring to the articles in this section you will able to generate more views on your Instagram stories, videos, etc. Thereby generating larger interactions on your profile and making it highly active and popular. 

IGtor Followers

This section is one of the most applauded among all the available ones, you will get multiple blogs and articles that will not only tell you about the ways in which you can increase followers and likes. Rather you will get to know about several tools, through which you can increase your followers and likes. 

Benefits of Using IGtor

Once you start to use the IGtor, you generate yourself an opportunity to unleash multiple benefits. Under-mentioned are some of the top benefits that can be extracted from the website. 

  • Completely Free: This is one of the best benefits of using this site,  all the information that you get from it is completely free of cost. The readers do not even need to a pay single penny for the valuable thing they get from the platform. 
  • No Registration: Users or readers do not need to go through any kind of registration or login process. This not only allows the users to be free from any kind of lengthy process but also keeps their personal information safe. 
  • Authenticity: All the followers, likes, comments, views, etc. that you receive with the help of the ways and methods described on the platform, then you generate real human followers. But the tools that they talk about may at times generate bots for you. 
  • Extensive: IGtor has an extensive variety of blogs and articles, and this plethora of information is maintained well under the different categories section. Users can use this category to not only make their navigation easy but also informative.  


Though IGtor is not a tool that would manage social media for you it is highly useful when it comes to Instagram tips and tricks. Apart from telling you tips and tricks, they also provide a concise guide on ways through which you can gain followers, likes, etc. The most unique feature of this platform is that it talks about several SMM tools that prove highly beneficial for you. So wait no more use this amazing platform for gaining better Instagram visibility.