A new FC 24 season is upon us giving players the chance to earn footballer packs, tifos, and the grand reward consisting of an Icon Centurion item representing Kelly Smith.

Did you know that you can buy FIFA coins from U7Buy whenever you need a little help? The orders are safely processed and the prices are unbeatable! A new FC 24 season is upon us just in time for the holidays. Will you climb the ladder to the top? The new Frostbite seasonal ladder has 35 levels. A prize is received for each level, but will you grab the final reward? To earn seasonal XP, you must complete Objectives. Keep an eye out for daily, weekly, and campaign Objectives to maximize your chances of obtaining the grand prizes!

What Are The First FC 24 Seasonal Rewards?

We mentioned that all levels give prizes, but you can imagine that not all rewards are the same. You start at level 1 with a pack containing FC 24 gold items. Advancing to level 2 nets you another pack but this time the contents include two 81 OVR rare golds. At level 3, the pack upgrades with 82 OVR items. A tifo is reserved for level 4. A pack with three 84 OVR player cards is set aside for those who achieve level 5. At level 6, players receive a small prime gold pack. Another tifo joins the collection at level 7. And this is where things get interesting. From level 8 onward, you have the chance to select your prize.

Level 8+ FC 24 Seasonal Prizes

Once you reach level 8, you can choose between an 86 OVR card or a pack containing 10 80 OVR items. The 86 OVR card represents Lukas Podolski. The attributes of this striker item are 78 pacing, 99 shooting, 82 passing, 87 dribbling, 45 defending, and 88 physical. This card is part of the Winter Wildcards collection. Let’s check out all other level prizes that give players. At level 10, you will receive Harry Kewell OVR 87 Left Wing. It’s an amazing card with high stats such as 90 pacing and 88 passing.

At level 15, a Centurion Icon Ronald Koeman is added to your collection. The card is a center back with 89 OVR.

Stats: 77 pacing, 87 shooting, 86 passing, 80 dribbling, 89 defending, 86 physical.

Another Winter Wildcard item is obtained at level 18.

Elye Wahi 86 OVR Left Wing

Stats: 92 pacing, 84 shooting, 80 passing, 90 dribbling, 41 defending, 77 physical.

The grand prize for level 35 is a Centurions Icon depicting Kelly Smith. The OVR is 90 and the position is striker.

Stats: 89 pacing, 91 shooting, 86 passing, 91 dribbling, 47 defending, 78 physical.

The 8-35 levels we didn’t mention will give you player packs and tifo.

Don’t forget to check out the Winter Wildcards Best-Of collection. It includes cards that were available for a limited time. This is your second chance to grab them. The collection includes 92 OVR Team of the Week Haaland, 90 OVR Evolution Valverde, and 88 OVR Triple Threat Grealish to name but a few. All the players wanting to buy now FIFA coins are invited to check out the holiday deals from U7Buy!