In an era largely driven by social media platforms, we tend to see things from various different perspectives. Above all currently we most of the time use these platforms to clear our queries on various different topics. During this process, at times we also desire to see those videos for future reference. Not only do we desire to download things that are informative rather we also prefer things that we find interesting and entertaining. So today we are going to talk about a useful tool named GenYouTube. Through the effective use of this tool, you can download various stuff from this vast internet. Apart from talking about the tool, we are also going to cover GenYouTube Download Wallpaper in detail. 

Know About GenYouTube

GenYouTube is one of the best YouTube video downloader tools. Recently it has been gaining huge popularity among the audience for its compatibility and large service offerings. With the help of this tool, users and viewers can download videos in several different qualities like 720p, and 1080p, which are high-resolution HD standard quality. Apart from letting you download videos in high quality the tool also gives you the feature to convert MP4 into MP3 which makes it much easier for users to listen to music on the go. Above all the tool is completely free to use and it allows users to download videos and other media content in approximately 55 formats. 

Overview of GenYouTube

App NameGenYouTube
DeveloperUcmate Developer
LanguageEnglish and 47 Others
CategoryVideos and Audio Download
Latest VersionV61.0
File TypeAPK
File Size12.02 MB
Downloads1 Million+
Updated OnNovember  11, 2023

Key Features of GenYouTube

There are several salient features of GenYouTube, and it is due to these features that this tool has such huge users who love it. Users of the tool can witness these features themselves while they use it to serve their purpose like GenYouTube Download Wallpaper. 

  • Format Option: When you access the tool you get multiple format options to download your desired media, these options include MP4, MP3, 3GP, WebM, M4A, and many more. Through this option, you can have an opportunity to download content in your desired modes. 
  • Search Bar: GenYouTube has a dedicated inbuilt search bar where you can insert links or keywords in order to look for your desired interest and download them seamlessly. 
  • Quality Option: Not only does the user of the tool get the option to choose their desired format but also the quality in which they want to download the media. 
  • Batch Download: Unlike any other tools that will let you download media one by one, with the use of GenYouTube you can download the whole playlist at a single go. 
  • Extension: Not only you can access this tool by visiting its website but you can also download the tool’s extension on your Chrome and use it directly to download any media of your choice. 

Steps For GenYouTube Download Wallpaper 

GenYouTube Download Wallpaper 

GenYouTube has been designed in a user-friendly manner, through this the platform not only becomes easily accessible but also allows the tool to attract a huge audience base. Users can follow these undermentioned steps in order to access this tool hassle-free. 

  • Step 1: The foremost step is to visit the official website of the platform with the use of any of your desired “Browser”.
  • Step 2: Once you have searched for the official website, select the website that appears official to you from the appearing SERPs.
  • Step 3: Now in a new tap on your browser look for any wallpaper or image that you wish to download for your device.
  • Step 4: Now copy the URL of the wallpaper that you have chosen, and paste the URL into the search bar of the tool.
  • Step 5: Now click on the “Photo” button and the GenYouTube will generate the download link.
  • Step 6: Finally, tap on the newly generated link in order to download the wallpaper or the image for your design and set it as wallpaper by using your device settings. 

Benefits of GenYouTube

When you use GenYouTube to download several media from the internet, you also build yourself an opportunity to unleash a plethora of benefits for yourself. We have listed down some of the most extracted and adorned features of the tool here. 

  • Free of Cost: Using this tool and its various features is completely free of cost, which makes this tool a cost-effective choice for users. 
  • Convenient: The tool is very convenient to use as the users do not need to download any kind of software to use it, instead it can used directly through Browser and its official website. 
  • Friendly-UI: The interface of the platform is designed in a friendly manner which makes the platform easily navigable. Thereby allowing ease of access even to the ones who are visiting the tool for the very first time. 
  • Variety of Features: The multiple video formats and quality choice given to the users at the time of download makes it a lucrative and users’ favorite choice. 

Drawbacks of GenYouTube

There are several drawbacks of using GenYouTube and we have mentioned them here so that the users can stay cautious and aware while using. 

  • No Customer Support: In case you have any issues or feel stuck while using this tool then let me tell you that you to find a way by yourself as there is no customer care support available because the platform is an independent service provider. 
  • Legal Issues: Downloading media files or even any videos from YouTube can violate several terms and conditions of the platform, also creating reasons for legal issues. 
  • Not Secure: When a user downloads videos or any media using the GenYouTube tool, it might post some security threats. Under this, your device might come in contact with several malware and viruses. 

Other Services Provided by GenYouTube

Apart from allowing users to download videos and other media from YouTube and other platforms available on the internet, GenYouTube also offers several other services.

  • GenYouTube Download Photo
  • GenYouTube Download Wallpaper
  • GenYouTube Download Video
  • GenYouTube Download MP3
  • GenYouTube Download Music


After reading all this information about GenYouTube you all must agree that it is a highly useful tool through which users can download any media from any platform. Above all we have also made sure to discuss the tool in detail so that users can use this free tool without facing any issues. Besides discussing all the information about the tool we have also talked about GenYouTube Download Wallpaper so that we can assist you in the process of downloading your desired wallpaper to make your device even more presentable.