International jobs always excite people, and teachers are no different. In the US, there are a variety of positions available for teachers, such as administrative work and grade-level teaching. When the foreign teachers wish to work in the US,  they must obtain a teaching license before they may start looking for work.

Applicants from outside the United States or those with degrees from non-U.S. universities must show that they have completed the state’s required licensing education to work as a teacher anywhere in the US. However, a state-approved US teaching credential evaluation organization usually serves as a tool for this.

Essential Factors in Teacher Credential Evaluation

Here are a few best practices and essential things to remember while you apply for credential evaluation as a standard approval.

State Requirements:

In the US, educators are accountable to several statutory authorities, such as state-specific Departments of Education and Boards of Education. You must adhere to the state’s unique guidelines to apply for a teaching license.

International teaching licenses are accepted in several states. Those applying for the first time must adhere to the procedures and fulfill the requirements set forth by the state where they plan to operate.

Teachers usually need a course-by-course assessment of their credentials to find out how they stack up in the US before applying for a teaching license. This credential evaluation extensively examines each diploma or certification and its contents, along with a course-by-course equivalency.

The educational background, courses completed, grades, and total academic achievement are highlighted by the criteria of the educational system in the host nation.

Documents required:

The credential evaluation service provider for foreign teacher certification needs –

  • Standard academic records, including an original degree, an original grade report or a transcript
  • Instructional materials
  • A scanned copy of a thesis or dissertation, teaching accreditation
  • A current resume.

An official translation into English is necessary if the programme was taught in a language other than English.

Credential evaluation organization

A wide range of companies provide credential evaluation services but only appropriate ones will suit your application. Selecting incorrectly could cause tension and worry. This could result in needless hold-ups or the denial of your license or job application.

It is finding a premier organization to complete the application efficiently and effectively. A simple method to ascertain the legitimacy of your credential evaluation company is to check if it is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

Since NACES is the official certifying body for institutions that assess academic records and foreign transcripts, its accreditation is noteworthy. Joining NACES carries several strict prerequisites.

Benefits of credential evaluations for teachers:

1. Compliance with specific regulations:

There are various prerequisites for different states in the USA. A US credential evaluation helps identify and comply with state regulations. It also helps to understand the teacher’s qualifications related to the particular norms of the state where they plan to work.

2. Good job prospects:

Better job prospects are the most significant factor behind teachers moving to the USA. The credential evaluations help teachers advance in their careers and take on leadership roles by acknowledging their skills. The educational equivalence is determined; hence, foreign teachers in the USA with credential evaluation can grab a suitable or even better job opportunity.

3. Transparency:

The transparency and the smooth flow of the entire evaluation process is one of the biggest advantages for any teacher aspiring for a job in the US. This helps the teachers and educational institutions attest to the teacher’s foreign qualifications with that of the US. The employers determine whether a teacher’s credentials are apt for the job role, while the evaluators make the whole process open.

Selecting the credential service provider in the US helps obtain the CES report and assists in the application process. In short, the open method of credential evaluation benefits both parties, including the teachers and the employers.

4. Continuous Assistance:

The best US credential evaluation service providers help teachers with constant support in the application process. They have a good response time and help the teachers even if more data is required. This is especially beneficial when the applicants require additional support or have specific concerns. There are high chances of successful applications when the process is unhindered and the applicants receive reasonable access to the resources. The teachers can also opt for an institution that provides reports for full-time and substitute teacher roles for better opportunities. This will ensure a qualitative process throughout.

5. Level of Education and Conversion of GPA:

The US grading system uses a grade point average (GPA) evaluation method. The other countries have various methods of evaluating performances. These diverse features might pose a challenge when foreign teachers apply for a job in the US. The credential evaluation institution is an intermediary in tackling this issue and helps convert the educational qualifications to the appropriate GPA levels. This guarantees consistency and uniformity in evaluation across various educational systems of different countries which will turn beneficial for applicants .


While selecting the credential evaluation service providers, it is recommended that the teachers choose the certified ones and members of National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA), The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP), American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), etc. The benefits of opting for the best credential services in the US are tremendous. The transparency, scope for better opportunities, educational equivalence, seamless application process, and compliance are just a few of the many benefits of taking the help of credential evaluation service providers.