With the exam season coming knocking at the door as students we worry about everything apart from our studies. And for this diverting phase of the whole year of the students, you can get a constant reminder about studies as well as all the other things. You no longer need to look on several different platforms for the news or information you desire. You can simply visit Education India Live.com, and get all the updates and notifications related to exams up here. In order to understand and know about this platform you can read out through this platform and get yourself informed about it to extract benefits for yourself. 

An Overview of Education India Live.com

Education India Live.com is a website that has been solely created in order to provide students with the latest updates. Through this platform, students will not have to look for websites any further in order to get updates related to any upcoming exams, results, or any similar thing. This website is not only useful for the students but also for those who have been looking to prepare for govt. exams or are searching for jobs. You can get your hand on a proper road map for your exam preparation and you might also discover online places or say sites from where you can accumulate study materials and resources for yourself. 

Features of Education India Live.com

Education India Live.com

When you access Education India Live.com you also get your hand on multiple features that will enhance your experience of using this platform. Here we have included some of the excellent features of this news provider that make it stand apart from all the other platforms. 

  • Extensive Variety: The news update that you receive from this platform is of extensive variety which means it is not like you will get blogs related only to exams, rather you can discover blogs related to job vacancies, realize of admit cards, and more. And this extensive variety will save you time by saving you from the task of visiting different platforms.
  • Regular Updates: All the blogs and articles that you will get from this website see a regular update. The platform updates even the pre-given information to save our readers from carrying away any kind of misinformation. Above all, you will get all the latest news through which you won’t miss any crucial information. 
  • Friendly UI: Education India Live.com Is designed keeping in mind the user’s demand for ease in accessibility. One of the things that make this platform highly useful, loved, and even navigable is the friendly UI of the website that makes it easily accessible. 

Steps to Access Education India Live.com

You can get all the latest education updates by using Education India Live.com, and in order to access this platform seamlessly users and readers can without any hesitation follow these undermentioned steps. 

  • Step 1: The first and foremost step is to open any of your desired “Browser” on your personal device with which you want to access the platform.
  • Step 2: Now use the search bar of your opened browser to look for the official website of Education India Live
  • Step 3: After selecting the official website from the appearing SERPs on your screen you need to surf through the platform. 
  • Step 4: Now that you have landed on the homepage you can either go through the appearing Blogs and choose from among them.
  • Step 5: Or you can go to the category section present on the main dashboard and choose your desired category.
  • Step 6: After selecting the category you can choose from the appearing logs and articles or you can also use the search bar to look for any particular blog.
  • Step 7: Now after selecting the blog or article you simply need to read through it and implement the told things or steps as follows. 

Categories Offered by Education India Live.com

When any user accesses the platform and visits the main dashboard of Education India Live.com you will encounter the category section on the right corner. You can use this section to make your navigation of blogs and articles simpler. Discussed here are some of the top categories of the platform. 

Latest Jobs Updates

Through this section of the website users and readers will get all the latest job updates. This section will prove highly useful for readers who are tirelessly looking for some career opportunities. 

Answer Keys

After the result declaration of any competitive exams the platform makes sure to provide a reliable answer key. They do so by performing an extensive result on the browser and bringing in official answer keys provided by the examination board. 


Under this dedicated Education India Live.com  result category the readers will get to know about all the latest announcements of results. The platform makes sure to give all the updates regarding any competitive or board exams. 

Eligibility Test

This eligibility category makes the readers aware of different eligibility criteria for their exams. You do not need to look at different websites in order to understand the eligibility criteria and you can simply focus on your studies. 

Admission form

If you want to seek admission in any reputable college, school or institute then this admission form section of the website can help you out. Here you can get the notification about the admission status of the same where you want to get yourself enrolled,  along with notification you can also get further details like fee, syllabus, exams and more. 

Admit card

There are several exams where students take part every year and for being present in those exams the most necessary thing is your admit card. So, here on this website in the category of admit card students can get updates about their exams and its admit card along with the downloading process. 

Board results

This category of the platform gives you updates about board results where you will get the complete details of your board examination, its result status and process to check results according to different states. 


All those categories written above can be found here, like if you want all updates together then you can explore the post category of the website. Here you can find all the latest posts of the platform that covers all recruitment, exam updates, admit card etc.

Benefits of Education India Live.com

There are several benefits of education india live.com provided to its users to help them have a clear path. Thus, here we have enlisted some of those advantages below: 

  • Education related update: The platform has something for everyone and students can get a range of updates that are related to education. Here users can find about the latest exams, admit card updates, admission notification and other related updates regarding those institutes, schools or colleges in which you want to enroll yourself. 
  • Career information or job alerts: We all try to find reliable guidance around us but here on this platform people can get that by exploring its official sites. Here users can find information about career opportunities and processes to apply for their interested jobs. 
  • Time saving: This website can save a lot of time for a student or user as it gives all the relevant and latest information at one place. Users can easily access the recent updates regarding their exams, admission, job, result and other helpful stuff by visiting this site. They can save a huge amount of time by not going on multiple platforms as they will get the right information here. 


Education India Live.com can serve as your one-stop destination when it comes to education-related updates. Through this platform, you can access a wide range of informative blogs that will act as a notification to all crucial details. Some of the major things that this platform holds have been discussed in this blog. You can always come and refer to this article where we have discussed features steps and other crucial information that will definitely build your understanding of this platform. Thus after reading this blog, we are sure that you won’t face any issues or will also not have any doubts regarding this lucrative and informative platform.