It is a website which is used for posting ads and also used for dating. In this article we are going to discuss about the website known as doublelist. You will also get to know about its sign up process and its unique features. 

What is DoubleList?

Double List is a personal ad dating website. It debuted in March 2018, immediately following Craigslist’s closure of its Personals section due to a measure enacted by the US Congress that outlawed sex trafficking.

With classified ads for finding casual encounters, the website attempts to mimic the laid-back vibe of Craigslist’s personals section.

How do you sign up?

If you match the requirements, joining the website is rather easy.

You must provide both your age and phone number to finish the verification process. It is useless to share someone else’s or a fake number because it won’t work through the authentication process.

There aren’t any difficult procedures to join the website other than that. You can receive access right now if you’re older than 18.

Unique Features

  1. There is no mobile app.

There is only a mobile-friendly browser version available for Doublelist APP.

The website’s remarkably awkward interface, which appears to have not been updated since the 2000s, is something we just must notice. Whether intentional or not, the website’s UX and absence of a mobile app make it seem a little antiquated.

  1. The site has no matchmaking algorithm.

Since there isn’t a matchmaking system, you’ll need to make traditional approaches to the other users. Even if you like the advertisement, there’s no assurance you’ll like the person.

Still, there’s a certain thrill about it. This is the moment to attempt new things and step outside of your comfort zone.

  1. DoubleList has unusual posting limits.

You are only allowed to publish two ads each day on the website, and each post may only contain four photographs. There is also a limit of one account per person.

You won’t be able to create another account with the same email address if you choose to cancel your current one for any reason. There are usually no restrictions of this kind on dating sites.

  1. Users can only chat through adverts.

On the website, the only option to initiate a private chat thread with someone is through advertisements. In group chats, you can meet new individuals as well, but you cannot make a group session private. If you’re like it, you may still play hot-and-cold games with other people and make comments in groups.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely, the website is safe, to put it briefly. But the lengthier answer mostly depends on how careful you are while interacting with other members and posting personals.

Publishing a personal advertisement online carries a certain amount of risk. You need to exercise discernment and exercise caution when it comes to the people you speak with. You shouldn’t have any concerns as long as you use caution and good judgment in all that you undertake.

In conclusion

DoubleList, a post-Craigslist personals platform, offers a simple sign-up process, but its outdated interface and lack of a mobile app make it feel obsolete. Unique features, such as limited daily posts and chatting exclusively through ads, create a distinctive user experience. While generally safe, user caution remains crucial for a worry-free interaction.