Software testers no longer have the choice but to understand automation testing because in today’s digital world it constitutes an important skill. Automated testers that are well-skilled have become very necessary as many firms now use DevOps practices and continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines. Automated testing training is common in Indian IT hubs such as Hyderabad since several training institute provide automated testing for Indian market. Nevertheless, there are numerous programs for training as well that makes it difficult to pick on the best for selection. Here are 5 important factors you must consider before enrolling for an automation testing course in Hyderabad:

  1. Trainer’s Experience And Qualification

Of these, the background of the trainer is the most crucial determinant. Hands on learning and practical experience are needed for automation testing. As such, you should make sure that the person leading you is very experienced when it comes to automation testing. However, they ought to have embarked upon many tasks including more advanced ones via a variety of automation testing tools as well as models. Ensure that your trainer has certification for the tools and technology that they will teach. It means that a certified trainer will provide detailed information and best practices.

  1. Course Curriculum And Coverage

The curriculum of the automation testing training should offer a coherent and extensive program. Know what the areas or areas and means to be discussed in the course. The course syllabus must cover some key features such as test automation frameworks, basic programming principles, methods of test case design, debugging techniques, performance testing and testing of a mobile application. The course length also needs to be enough time to understand the concepts and to have practical sessions. Ensure that the syllabus addresses all topics comprehensively, by looking for course programs that use an industry standard syllabus recognized by the sector.

  1. Practical Learning And Assessments

Practical skills are the heartbeat of automation testing as much as theories are significant as well. Hence, choose programs mainly comprising of hands-on learning as opposed to solely classroom lectures. To make sure this, there need to be some hands-on exercises and casework for the application of the taught theories. Inquire about the kinds of projects that you will be engaged in as a trainee. Ensure you also look at the assessment criteria which ought to comprise of both theory and practice for comprehensive evaluation of the acquired knowledge.

  1. Placement Assistance And Industry Connect

Good training program also makes it possible for one to land on his/her feet with employment at the end of the training period. Ensure that the institute offers placement assistance and industry links check. Some organizations are affiliated with respectable institutions which organize practice work at leading corporations, conduct interviews on a trial basis or make references. Furthermore, they should also bring in professionals with practical experience. These include measures that can enhance your ability to find employment after the course.

  1. Course Fees And Financing Options

Thirdly, think about how much you will pay and whether it is possible to get a loan for this purpose. Cost may depend on the brand name, location, duration etc., but look at value for money not just the cost. Some institutes offer EMI payment, scholarships or educational loans through their partner banks. The decision should always be preceded by considering and weighing all these costs that are associated with it like, buying materials and paying for certification exams among others. Cheaper alternatives might be available from government institutes.


Evaluating these factors carefully will assist you in selecting the best automation testing training program that suits your budget and requirements on Hyderabad. The good news is that with proper qualification and skills, you are guaranteed of a successful career within the booming automation testing sector.