Popularly known for its ultramodern architecture, amazing attractions, and scintillating nightlife, the UAE is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations all year round. And this comes with good reason. Dubai, UAE’s most popular Emirate is home to the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts. We also can’t overlook its many shopping malls and a bunch of other activities to keep even the most avid of explorers busy. 

Summers in Dubai can get quite hot. With temperatures of up to 40° Celcius being normal in July, the heat can be a lot for visitors who aren’t used to the climate. It comes as no surprise that some of the crowd’s activities of choice are either indoor activities or outdoor activities that involve cooling off. Getting a yacht rental Dubai from a marketplace like OneClickDrive is one way to get the best of both worlds. But that’s not the only thing to look forward to during the summer in the UAE. 

Below are 5 reasons you should visit the UAE this summer.

  1. Save big and ditch the crowds: With Summer being the “Off-season”, hotel prices drop drastically and they also tend to offer free spa sessions, underpriced upgrades, and a bunch of other freebies to attract tourists. There are also a lot of off-season shopping discounts at malls like the Dubai Mall (The largest shopping mall in the world). With these discounts, you can shop to your heart’s content without the guilt associated with buying overpriced goods. You can enjoy all these perks at peace because there is much less of a crowd during the summer!
  1. Visit IMG Worlds of Adventure: Located in the City of Arabia, along Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, this is one of the most popular theme parks in Dubai. It is the world’s largest indoor theme park with strictly controlled air-conditioning, making it a pleasant place to spend a scorching afternoon. Apart from being a haven from the heat, IMG World has an amazing selection of rides to keep your interest piqued and adrenaline pumping throughout your visit. 
  1. Ferrari World: Located in the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is the world’s first Ferrari-themed amusement park situated on the enthralling Yas Islands. This grand theme park is home to Formula Rossa which is the world’s fastest roller coaster, highest loop ride, and over forty other record-breaking attractions. If you have a need for speed and a craving for adrenaline, then this is just the spot for you. In between rides, you can also enjoy shows and savor the flavors of Italian cuisine.
  1. Sharjah Aquarium: Located in the third largest city in the UAE, the Sharjah Aquarium features 20 tanks that aptly recreate different marine and freshwater environments with an overview of a hundred species of fish and aquatic animals. From coral reefs to lagoons and rock pools. The Aquarium also has walkways which allows for up-close viewing of the fish and offers educational talks that would delight the children. 
  1. Yachting in Abu Dhabi: Whether you prefer a compact model for an intimate gathering or a large vessel for a grand event, a yacht rental Abu Dhabi is the ultimate way to enjoy a pleasant summer in the UAE. You can take a tour with your yacht to view the Emirates Palace from the sea, the pristine beaches of Yas Marina, and Lulu Island, among many others.


Summer might be the off-season for most tourists, but you can take advantage of this great time of the year to explore the UAE at your own pace and a discounted rate! Ensure you are fully aware of the opening times of the places you plan to visit, as some tourist attractions in the UAE are closed during the summer months.